Moving into a new house implies high expenses all at one go. But the general public often overspends on certain things without even knowing. Here are 5 most common things that people overspend on when it comes to moving into a new home:

Fixing outdoor spaces too early

photo of outdoor balcony couch

Your outdoor decor should come last in consideration, they should come after your essentials like bed, couches, tables and chairs. Having a nice comfy chair and dining table will certainly make your new home feel like home. Of course, your bed should always come first, I’m surprised when someone tells me they still don’t have a chair in their new house!

Outdated insurance

photo of a wooden house block on grass

The insurance company that provided your renters policy may not be the best, make sure you shop around for new homeowner insurance, as there are better ways to save even more.

Unnecessary stuff that’s filling up space

photo of pots of plants cluttering a counter

Instead of spending on things or decors that come in first sight, take some thought into it and consider if they are what you really like. Most people get drawn into merchandise display because they look great in store. But once they get it home, they don’t really like it anymore because it didn’t match. Either refund it or think about what fits well in your home before filling up your new space.

Extended warranties on your appliance

Photo of washing machine appliance

For home appliance that are brand new, it’s actually quite inexpensive to fix in the future. Especially the quality of appliance nowadays are pretty good, you probably won’t need to use up the warranty during the time period.

Lawn maintenance

photo of lawn mower mowing lawn

Everyone loves a nice backyard or front lawn, but a gorgeous lawn is highly achievable by doing it your own. Plus, it’ll be a great family activity together anyways, getting your hands dirty is actually a satisfying feeling especially you see the end result.