Leaving home to go to college can be an exciting, yet also daunting time. While it’s great that you finally get some independence by living on your own (or with roommates) and making your own decisions, it’s also a lot of responsibility and most people aren’t ready for it.

On the other hand, some students are more than happy to finally take on adult responsibilities, and leaving for campus life can often be seen as a rite of passage before you ascend into adulthood. If it’s your first semester, then it’s completely normal if you’re having doubts or if you’re simply not prepared for what’s ahead.

But don’t worry! Because in this post, we’ll be looking at 5 fantastic ways to help you survive your first semester.

1. Get to know your roommates

photo of 3 roomates girlfriends chatting happily

If you can, try and get to know your roommates. Talk to them on social media, speak to them over the phone or consider heading out with them for a meal or two. The better you get to know your roommates, the easier it’ll be to start living with them.

It makes a lot of sense to make friends with those you live with so that you’re not constantly at each other’s throats over small disagreements. It also makes it easier to trust them with things like not rummaging through your stuff or taking your things out of the fridge.

If you’re planning to live on your own, then it can also help to get to know your neighbours because they’re likely going to be students as well. Of course, this is only possible if you’ve been told who your roommates will be or if you’ve met them when looking at places to stay.

If you’ve yet to meet them, then it might be a good idea to head to your accommodation as early as possible so you get at least a day or two to interact and get to know them.


2. Pack everything and double-check it Photo of puppy in a box. Remember to pack your pets!

The last thing you want is to leave something important back at home. Living on your own for the first time is going to be a huge challenge, and the stress of forgetting something important like your laptop charger is going to bring you down. If you’re moving out for the first time, then it’s important to write down a list of essentials that you’ll need in everyday life that your parents usually take care for you.

There are going to be a few items that you don’t even think about bringing or buying for your new place. Things such as towels, a mop, all-purpose cleaner or even cutting boards can be taken for granted because your parents usually deal with them. However, if you’re going to be moving out and living on your own, you’ll need to start thinking about all the essentials you need.

Our team has prepared you the ultimate essential list for you to download so you won’t miss a thing while running your errands. So be sure to check it out if you want to survive your first semester! Ultimate essential list


3.Bring some things that remind you of home

photo of lady sitting on a couch at home drinking coffee

Everyone has their own decorations, memorabilia and electronics that will make their dorm room a little more comfortable. There’s probably a limit to how much you can change if the dorms are owned by the school or if you’re sharing with people, but if you’re renting your own place then you’re free to decorate how you see fit.

Bring pictures that remind you of home, decorations that you love, consider changing the wallpaper and you could even bring your own bed linen. There are plenty of ways to customize your room so that you feel more comfortable. Since you’ll be spending at least a year here, it’s never a bad idea to change it up and make it your own.


4. Go shopping for school materials photo of school supplies, notebook, glasses, pen and phone

If you haven’t already gone shopping for equipment and study materials, then it’s a good idea to do so now while you still have time. Things like books, stationery, bags and even spare clothing are all essentials that you won’t be able to live without.

Things like folders and binders are also important for keeping all of your work sorted and organized. You’ll likely receive a list of books that your professors want you to borrow or buy in preparation for the semester as well. One of the most expensive things you’ll buy for school is likely a laptop.

Even if your school provides you with a laptop, you’ll still want to get your very own personal one for your own apps, programs and needs. The first choice to make is between Mac OS or Windows. You should pick depending on your needs here. Mac OS is generally better for creatives that also have an iPad or iPhone to take advantage of the Apple ecosystem.


5. Step out of your comfort zone photo of 3 friends jumping outdoor

One of the most important things to surviving your first semester which is often neglected by most people is learning how to social. You’ll build friendships that will last you the rest of your life, and some encounters and meetings in college could lead to business relationships or even romantic ones.

You’re exposed to hundreds of people and you get to make friends and acquaintances with all of them, hence the importance of being social and stepping out of your comfort zone. Make yourself some simple goals, such as meeting and chatting with someone different in your class every day until you’ve spoken to all of them.

But with that said, don’t be disappointed if your social life in campus isn’t as wild and exciting as you expected it to be. You don’t have to be a party animal to make friends in school and even if you’re shy, it’s a good idea to make friends with people who are close to you and who you see on a regular basis.

Once you’ve established some friendships, have fun with them during extracurricular activities or head into town to enjoy your weekend together. Some networking gathering events are also a great way to meet new people and establish a larger network of friends. Enjoy your new campus life!