About Us

Our city needs us to get it moving. Thousands of Canadians find it cumbersome to find trusted delivery and moving services online because there are too many choices. Peercel is here to end all this pain once and for all.

Our Story

This all started when we were brainstorming on an app idea. We know strongly that we wanted to build an app somewhere in the travel sector. At first it was another video app for travelers, then it got to a point becoming another travel recommendation app. We started branding it and doing some social, but it never worked out. There were too many competitions and we feel that the market is saturated.


Then it was back to the drawing board.


We are all strong believer in the peer to peer business model, where individuals support each other within the local community instead of relying on giant corporations. It is a much efficient way of getting things done, and with the support of the community, everyone can become a beneficiary, it’s win-win for everybody.


Therefore we thought we could build something that lets travelers bring items with them and fly to its destination in exchange of money? At first we were very excited about the idea. At that point there was nobody working on this (at least in Canada). It’s still a very new concept, only few companies already started doing this in Europe.


But there was a big problem.


We talked to our lawyers and they explained to us that this can only be possible within Europe because they have different rules when it comes to carrying items on flights. It will be very risky and lots of liability issues.


So we pivoted.


It was 2017 winter when we decided to pivot. It was a snowy night when the team gathered. We took the time to do some market research. Even called out a few people just to learn the market. Then we realized there is actually a need for the moving industry. At that time, if someone needs to find moving companies, they would go online for a search. Which means big moving companies often get all the business because they have larger budgets on ads. Individual movers with lower budgets only rely on free classified ads on Kijiji or Craiglists, which means their listing often gets lost within hundreds of postings.


Then there’s the quoting part, which is also another hassle for the end-user, they often need to make few calls to come up with a quote, but often gets overcharge on the day of the move.

Our Mission

It became our mission to end all this complication in the space, we want to streamline everything with one platform, that connects the city together, while keeping price estimation transparent to both the senders and movers.

Our Vision

At first launch we will address all the basics when it comes to price estimation and drawing new businesses to individual movers. Down the road we will then focus on expanding to different major cities in Canada, providing longer moving services and delivery trips. So that Canadians can stay connected more and get our cities moving as a nation.