About US

Peercel Inc. is a Canadian company focused on removing the stress from every move. Founded in 2017, we strive to provide a seamless and affordable way to move anything from point A to point B.

Our Story

Everything started in January of 2017 by Innocent, Stephen and Nakib.
It was the middle of winter in Toronto Canada. Life was far from great not because of the cold but because we all had a constant reminder that we could do better. After months of shoving this feeling aside, we decided to act on it. We all had the same interest in building a customer facing product and believed in the peer to peer business model, where individuals support each other within the local community instead of relying on giant corporations. It is an efficient way of getting things done, and with the support of the community, everyone can become a beneficiary, it’s win-win for all the parties involved. Based on this unified belief, we decided to build an app that transforms the moving industry into a peer to peer service which also makes it significantly for affordable and decentralized.

We understand that this journey is a marathon not a sprint and we are prepared to face any obstacle that may arise as we continue in our quest to disrupt the moving industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remove the stress from every move

Meet The Team

We came from different parts of the world, but what brings us together is our passion in solving real world problems.

Innocent Akhidenor


Stephen KH Chan

Product & Growth Specialist

Nakib Momin

Chief Technology Officer