General Questions

Peercel is an on-demand moving and delivery service that gives you peace of mind when it comes to getting stuff from point A to B. Our platform instantly connects you with trusted local drivers/movers in your community. We are huge in building a great community that supports each other so that everyone can benefit from each other. At the end of the day, everybody wins.

Peercel is currently available in Ontario, Canada only. Including Greater Toronto Area and its surrounding cities, Waterloo, Hamilton, Oshawa, Whitby, Aurora, Newmarket, Burlington, Brampton and Ajax. We will be expanding later so stay tuned! Let us know which city you’re from by dropping us a message.

The Peercel app is now on the AppStore, only on iOS, iPhone 4 to the latest, read about the App launch news. Android will be in development at a later stage.

Once a mover/delivery driver has accepted your job request, you will be notified and be able to communicate with the driver through the app.

You can get a free estimate online.

The price estimate depends on a the following factors.
* Base Price
* Truck size
* Distance
* Load and Offload time

Our online free estimate system is available 24/7, but movers are available depending on their own regular business hours. We recommend you plan ahead of time by creating a job on our Peercel app. That way you can communicate with the mover and plan when you want your delivery to take place.

With Peercel, you don’t have to worry about picking up, driving and dropping off a truck.

You can still get your moving Job done, even if you don’t have a drivers license.

You get to focus on your move and let us handle the entire transportation process.

We currently four different truck sizes
– Pickup Truck
– Cargo Van
– 10ft Truck
– 15ft Truck

You will typically get a driver assigned to you within a couple of hours after creating a Job.

Senders Questions

Yes, you can still cancel the job after you’ve made full payment to Peercel. Read below scenarios carefully in full detail.

  1. If a Job is canceled before the driver starts delivery, the sender is given a 100% refund (no questions asked.)
  2. If a Job is canceled after the driver starts delivery, a Peercel representative will contact both the driver and the sender to investigate the state of delivery at the point of cancellation. A partial or no refund will be given to the sender after the investigation is made.

You can place a delivery order whenever really. However we recommend you not to place one late at night as you may not find anyone who is still working.

Movers/Drivers Questions

You can become a driver and start early in 2 ways:

  1. If you have car and be able to provide pick up and delivery services in your local city. Uber drivers are welcome! Sign up to drive here.
  2. If you have a truck/van and be able to provide moving services in your local city. Sign up and become a mover!

Because we strive to provide the best customer experience for our user, therefore to drive for Peercel, you must meet the following requirement:

  • Be 19 years old or older
  • Must have a car, van or truck (you don’t need to be the owner)
  • Must have valid driver’s licence and up to date vehicle insurance
  • iPhone 4 or newer with internet access such as 3G or LTE (Android coming soon)
  • Must have at least a year of driving experience
  • Must have valid full G license
  • Be ready to provide a Driver’s Abstract when asked
  • Be ready to undergo a Criminal Record Check when asked

You payment will be sent through email transfer, 3 days after the Job was completion

Since we are not insurance brokers therefore we don’t provide business insurance, it is recommended that you speak to your insurance specialist to make sure you’ve got covered in case anything happens.

Generally we don’t recommend it because Peercel is not a ride hailing service, thus carrying passengers are not the purpose. But if you have spoken to your insurance specialist and your insurance for your vehicle covers any passenger accidents, then you are safe to do so. Again we recommend contacting your insurance company, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We are serious about the business.

Movers/Drivers will get paid within 3 business days after the job completion date. For example if you have completed the delivery job on Friday, you will get paid the next Wednesday (3 business days).

The driver is only required move items that can fit into the vehicle.

Drivers are required to drop the delivered items at the doorstep of the destination address. The sender is responsible for ensuring that someone is available to offload the truck/van at the destination address.

Peercel is not responsible for your fuel consumption. However, our pricing is calculated to compensate for the distance covered.