Get paid to drive. The city needs you.

Drive with Peercel and earn extra money as an independent contractor. Get paid to drive on your own schedule by delivering furnitures or bulky items in your local community. Download the app today.

Why join us

If you have a truck, why not get paid to drive on your spare time? The city needs you to deliver more goods and services. Retailers and businesses need moving services all the time, you can now become part of the ecosystem and start earning.

Easily get paid the more you drive

Whether you’re in business already or not, Peercel lets you drive and get paid easily on our secured platform, whenever you want.

All types of cars are welcome

Unlike other ride sharing systems, we won’t discriminate the truck you drive as long as you complete delivery jobs in a timely manner.

Drive on your own schedule

No timesheets to fill, no daily minimums nor mileage minimums. Just drive and deliver when you’re ready.

How do I get paid to drive around?

1. Local Customer Creates a Job

When a job is created by a local customer or user, it will be posted on the Peercel app. You may search for a delivery job that is within your proximity.

1. Business Creates Job - picture of gifts and groceries
Start Driving - photo of a delivery truck driving between high rise building

2. Start driving!

Once you reviewed the job description and instructions, simply accept the offer and drive to complete your delivery!

3. Get Paid. Drive. Repeat.

The Peercel app tracks everything so you don’t need to worry about anything. Upon completing the delivery job, you will get paid on a weekly basis via our secured platform. The more you drive, the more you get paid.

Get Paid to Drive. Repeat. Photo of iphone with app checkmark icon and money beside.

Turn your truck into a money making machine and get paid to drive around your city.