As the season get warmed up, alot of people is starting to plan their move. Whether you’re planning to move into a new apartment, or you recently purchased a new house. You will at some point need to do the heavy lifting yourself. We understand it can be a hassle and also realised the general public might have be doing it wrong, therefore we’ve interviewed a professional trainer Richard Lash from and came up with a few tips to share so you can understand better about proper lifting technique to prevent any back injuries.

Don’t overpack your boxes

Before even lifting your boxes, make sure you haven’t overpacked your boxes. There are couple reasons to this: you don’t want your box to break open once you start moving, and you don’t want to move a box that is too heavy to lift yourself! If the box breaks open while you’re moving, not only will cause frustration, but you might get injured from the items dropping onto your feet. So separate your items into a different box if necessary, don’t be greedy!


Make sure you’re warmed up

Warm up your muscles before beginning your move, because you don’t want muscle cramps and it helps your muscles to get ready for heavy lifting. It’s just like going to the gym, except you’re actually applying your muscles to work. Stretch your arms, your legs and the back, or even vision yourself lifting these boxes with no problem. Visioning is a good technique that most athletes practice during competitions.


Stabilize your spine and use your core strength

By stabilizing your spine when lifting heaving boxes, you’re using your whole body as suppose to just your lower back. Most back injuries are caused by the inability to spread out the strain throughout different parts of the body. Because most people strain their back because they failed to use other muscles in their body. In fact according to Richard, you should use your hips and core to push the heavy object upward. See video for details.


Lift with a flat back

During moving day, you might be tempted to just quickly get it done and over with. The general population bend their back when picking something up. That’s the easy way, because it gives us reach, and it only works if you’re picking up something light. But when you’re moving houses, you have to lift heavy boxes, then you’re actually performing a sumo deadlift, just like at the gym. For some people this is easy for them because they already go to the gym. However for those who don’t know what a sumo deadlift is, it is a form of lifting that works out your leg, hips and core all at once. It’s a good technique to train those muscle groups and also avoid injuries of your lower back. Watch the video above to see it in action.


Now that you have learned the proper lifting technique of heavy objects, you should be more prepared for your upcoming moving day with no injuries! If something is too heavy for you, don’t strain yourself or your friend. Always seek someone who is stronger or professionals for help.