At the start of summer, the months seemed to stretch before you; memories waiting to be made, sunshine to be enjoyed, and experiences to be lived.

It seems hard to believe that months have passed since you first asked yourself what your plans were for the summer – but time flies when you’re having fun, and now it is time to uproot yourself to your new campus lifestyle.

If you are conducting a summer move for the first time, the challenge can seem overwhelming. You are moving from a home where your every need is effortlessly met.

Your belongings and the items you use on a daily basis are likely spread across an entire house – but now, they have to be condensed into a small space that is hundreds or thousands of miles from your home. How can such task be possible?

While it may seem challenging, moving to school for the first time is something that you can manage – if you have the right advice, of course.

At Peercel, we have helped to facilitate hundreds of moves for students, so we have seen how the process can be managed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here’s an overview of everything you need to keep in mind when conducting a first time apartment move for college or university students…

photo of student living in campus

#1 – Set a specific day to move

photo of calendar - Set a specific day to move

It can be tempting to spread a move out over a few days, especially if you live close to your new place. However, this can actually make the process incredibly confusing, and all the more so if you are intending to use a moving company.

You can find yourself trapped in a situation where you’re not sure what you have already moved, what’s being left for the movers to transport, and what you still need to transport for yourself – essentially, it’s a logistical nightmare.

It is far preferable to set aside a single day where you and your belongings start the day at your existing home and finish the day firmly settling in your dorm.

#2 – Clear your schedule

Now you have your designated moving day, ensure that you clear everything else from your schedule for that summer move. The move itself is going to be time-consuming and exhausting enough, so it’s important not to compromise the time you have available with work shifts or a need to run errands. You need a single, clear day where the only task on your to-do list is to move into your new home.

Recommendation: download this ultimate essential checklist for your first move

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#3 – Be ruthless when deciding what is moved

For most first-year students, moving into their dorm room or campus home will be the first time they have lived independently. In this scenario, it’s all-too-easy to overestimate the amount of belongings that you need to take with you.

As you are accustomed to living in a home with a huge number of items available to you, it’s easy to think they are all necessary, but this isn’t always the case.

Items should only be moved if they are necessary to a standard college day. Think through the timeline: you will get up, shower, eat, go to college, return home, engage in additional study or entertainment, and then go to bed.

All you need are items that will allow you to go through this routine; anything else is supplementary, and should be left behind to begin with. As a general rule, it’s far better to leave items behind rather than take too many – you can always ask your parents to send you something left behind that you then discover is essential, after all.

Or alternatively, you can use the Peercel app to request a truck and a helper to deliver anything from anywhere.

#4 – Use quality packaging supplies

To ensure your belongings make it to your new home in one piece, invest in quality packaging supplies.  Weigh the costs of replacing an item being moved with the costs of supplies; cheaper packaging options are fine for easily-replaced items, but for anything of value, quality is always preferable.

#5 – Pack early, list everything

Start to pack as soon as you think about needing to pack – and keep a list of everything, especially for items that have been packed into sealed boxes. Packing your belongings for a dorm room move is a surprisingly time-consuming exercise, so try and get a head start as soon as you possibly can.

#6 – Plan the move itself

photo of young man planning his move in front of a school

You need to focus on two components of your summer moving day:

  • The help you are going to have available. Most students will opt to hire a professional service for their move, but be cautious with this: you don’t want to find yourself charged full pricing of moving costs when only one person’s belongings need to be transported. At Peercel, we specialized in smaller moves and you have total control of the time spent unloading, so it’s well worth checking to see how we may be able to assist you.
  • The journey time. This factor is important regardless of the duration of the move; whether you’re just moving to another part of town or to another state, you need to have a rough idea of the length of the journey and when you will leave and arrive. This is especially important if you have hired a truck to transport your belongings, as you will need to be at your destination to receive delivery at the right time.

#7 – Check the weather

As your moving day approaches, it is helpful to keep an eye on the weather forecast. One of the biggest issues with summer moving during August is excessive heat; if this is forecast, then purchase a few bottles of water to have on hand to ensure you remain hydrated.

#8 – Prioritize comfort

photo of lady with comfortable shoes

When moving day finally arrives, comfort is your most important consideration in terms of attire. Opt for flat shoes and loose clothing that you can move freely in.

#9 – Take plenty of rest breaks

The process of moving is a physically draining one, so it’s important to schedule yourself a chance to rest and rehydrate every few hours.

In conclusion

While the tips above have been offered primarily for first-time movers, they are also applicable to those moving back to school – the basic principles are the same in both cases. If can can be rigorous in your organization, use Peercel to transport your belongings, and take account of the physical toll of the weather, then your summer move should be as simple, affordable, and stress-free as possible.