Your bathroom is an essential part of your home on campus. Without it, daily life would be pretty tough. But students often have to share their bathrooms on campus, and even those who are lucky enough to have their own aren’t likely to have much space. When you have a variety of bathroom essentials, you need to know how to keep them organized in a small space. You can start by trying to keep some things in your room, especially items that don’t exactly need to be in the bathroom all the time. But there are other tricks you can use to maximize the space that you have.


#1. Keep Everything in a Shower Caddy or Tote

photo of a tote bag


Keeping all of your stuff together is helpful in a small bathroom, especially if you have to share with other people. A shower caddy or tote is extremely useful if you want to put all your shower essentials together and have an easy way to transport everything at once too. You can keep it hanging in the bathroom, or you can conveniently carry it to the shower when you need it. It means you don’t need to have four hands to carry all of your things, and your caddy or tote should be waterproof, making it perfect for the bathroom.


#2. Organize Your Makeup

photo of makeup bag


If you need to do your makeup in the morning, it can take up a lot of space. It might all be in tiny bottles, but it’s so easy to spread it across any available surface. This isn’t great when you have a small bathroom, and if you share with others, they’re unlikely to be pleased. It also increases the likelihood of losing your favorite things, which you don’t want. To keep everyone happy, get yourself some makeup organizers that you can use to keep everything tidy. It’s also often best to keep your makeup in your bedroom, anyway, so it’s out of the way.


#3. Use Vertical Space

photo of bathroom


One of the best tricks that you can use to save space is to use any of the vertical space you have available. What this means is that you can use walls, doors and even the ceiling for storage. The bathroom door is excellent for hanging baskets or organizers. You can put shelves on the walls or mount pretty much anything you like that might be useful for organizing things. Use jars, file organizers, or hang things from towel rails. Use what you have to hand so that you don’t have to buy lots of new storage items.


#4. Hooks for Hanging

photo of bathroom leveraging hooks


If you’re in a dorm, you might be worried about making permanent changes to your bathroom. This is where using hooks can come in because they won’t use any permanent marks. They’re ideal for using up vertical space. Command hooks are perfect because they promise not to leave any marks, and you can stick them on the wall. When you want to remove them, they should be easy to pull off. You can also get double-ended hooks, so you can hang one end from the shower curtain rail or somewhere similar and then hang your bathroom items from the other end.


#5. Make Use of “Empty” Space

photo of bathroom with empty space


There are some spaces in your bathroom that you can’t use for much. For example, you can’t really put anything behind the door or above the toilet. Making sure you use these spaces for storage can maximize the use you can get from your bathroom. You can hang some things on the wall behind the door. You don’t need them when the door is open, and you can easily get to them when the door is closed. Any small areas that might not be great for anything else can still be good for short shelves.


#6. Moveable Storage

photo of bathroom storage


When there’s only a limited amount of space to use, being able to move things around is very helpful. Whether you can wheel your storage into different spaces or remove it from the bathroom completely, it will mean that it’s not taking up a permanent space. Cabinets on wheels are excellent for moving around. You can push them into small but perhaps not very accessible spaces, and pull them out when you need them. Of course, boxes, caddies and bags are also easy to move around and to take out of the bathroom if you need to.


Make the most of your bathroom space by thinking of clever storage methods. You can save a lot of space with the right storage choices.