If you’re currently preparing for college, there will be a whole host of issues playing on your mind. From starting a new type of learning to meeting new people, this is a period of life where you’ll encounter immense change. Perhaps the biggest alteration of all, however, revolves around your living situation. Campus life serves up a host of unique challenges, but a variety of simple lifehacks can be embraced to help you become far better at adulting.


Here are 10 of the best.


#1. Buy Shower Shoes

photo of flip flops or shower shoes


If your dorm utilizes shared shower facilities, buying a pair of shower shoes should be one of the top items on your agenda. Without them, you’re asking for athlete’s foot and bacterial skin conditions. When coupled with a shower caddy and a towel, showering on campus can become just as comfortable as showering at home. Given that this is one of the most important aspects of your day, you will not want to get it wrong.


#2. Learn Some Microwave-Friendly Recipes

Photo of microwave


The shared kitchen will often be in use while you may not want to use that dirty stove even when it is clean. You needn’t be a culinary king or queen to follow a few simple recipes from YouTube and various recipe sites. It’s cheaper, healthier, and just as easy as eating takeaways. Moreover, it allows you to keep an eye on what you eat by cooking from scratch. Best of all, it’ll enable you to do all of this while maintaining your hectic lifestyle.


#3. Create Added Storage Where Possible

photo of shelves


Dorm rules will restrict you from adding shelves or making changes that cannot be undone with ease. However, bed risers will instantly create an extra source of storage. Whether you use it for extra food or clothes that aren’t needed at this time of year is up to you. On a similar note, drawer organizers will allow you to maximize the possibilities while also making the cleaning processes a little less daunting too.


#4. Get A Small Houseplant

Photo of a small houseplant


A houseplant may feel like another expense, but you can pick them up for a few bucks while maintenance costs next to nothing too. In return, your room will look more attractive while a living plant can actively enhance your mood and productivity levels when studying. When added to the fact it’ll provide benefits for the air quality, there is no doubt that the benefits vindicate the minor investment of time and money.


#5. Join The Gym

photo of 3 ladies joining the gym


College is the perfect time to finally take control of your body by getting fit and healthy. Despite leading a busy life, a lack of commitments should enable you to find the time for gym workouts. This is a fantastic way to reduce some stress and cut free for an hour. .Perhaps more importantly, student memberships mean it can become your new favorite and affordable hobby. Besides, a better body image will boost your confidence.


#6. Divide Chores Right Away

photo of someone cleaning kitchen doing chores


When meeting your new housemates, you’ll be hoping to form winning friendships. Nonetheless, there is an undeniable need to get the house rules in order right away. If the cleaning chores in communal spaces aren’t delegated fairly ASAP, there will always be at least one student that takes advantage of the situation. Get this done early, and you can also learn to build your personal weekly schedules accordingly too.


#7. Organize Your Wires

photo of a room without wires

Organize Your Wires


As a student, you will use a variety of tech devices ranging from smartphones and laptops to cameras and tools needed for coursework. They all require chargers, and misplacing a lead will cause significant frustration. Cut holes into a shoebox and threat each wire through, labelling them for added ease. Alternatively, for an even easier method, use binder clips to keep them attached to the side of your desk.


#8. Make A DIY Coffee Maker

photo of coffee maker french press


Paying hundreds of dollars for a piece of equipment a roommate will inevitably break isn’t ideal. However, you can cut a hole into disposable cups and use rubber bands and a coffee filter to create a cheap and easy alternative. Waiting for the coffee to make while you fix your hair will stop this task from eating into your day. Meanwhile, it’ll save you over $20 per week compared to hitting Starbucks before your morning lectures.


#9. Let The Room Breathe

photo of a nice smelling dorm room


Dorm rooms are naturally a little cluttered and can start to smell over time. The best way to overcome this particular problem is to hang a dryer sheet over the AC unit before turning it on. This will start to make the room smell a lot nicer. Remember to keep the floor clean, and the windows open on a frequent basis. Even if the room isn’t spotless, it’ll feel far more comfortable and clean. This is a great trick for all new students.


#10. Don’t Trust Anybody



On the one hand, you want to start college like with a  positive outlook. Unfortunately, it is a hotbed for pickpockets. Essential items include laptop locks and money safes for your dorm room. If problems start occurring with smaller possessions, you may need to get sneaky. Trade sugar for salt and swap blue ink cartridges for red ones. It may seem petty, but your housemates will soon realize that you are not an easy target.



While you obviously won’t admit it in front of your friends, the thought of leaving your parents for the first time can be a little scary. Regain control from the start with those simple pointers above, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of home without any of the restrictions. Win win!